Here are some common questions and answers about the Home improvement/remodeling process:

Who will be in charge of my project?

There will be many workers in your home, mostly during the day, working on various aspects of the job.  These craftsmen and workers will be monitored by our construction superintendent, and we expect them to be clean and tidy with their work.

Will we be able to live and function in our home?

Our goal is to minimize the impact of our construction.  Courteous workers that show up on time will treat your home with respect.  Drop clothes will lead the way to easier clean-up. Be prepared to move around household items during the project.

Will there be dust? What about the items in my home now?

We will do everything in our power to try and limit dust and dirt in your home. Typically, we will cover off rooms and openings with plastic, and seal HVAC air returns.

How long do the projects take?

Most minor projects can be completed in a day or two.  Complete transformation often take from seven to 10 days.  Most work is completed within 30 days of contract signing.  Project can also be done in stages.

Can I make changes along the way?

We welcome additional changes as long as you communicate clearly about that changes you desire. We will ask that you sign a Change Order form confirming the desired changes and we will also indicate the impact, if any, on the production schedule.

Can we use our garage or driveway?

Depending on the work being performed, the exterior (yard, driveway, etc) impact of a project may be minimal. Typically, we use the driveway area for a dumpster or trailer for debris disposal.

What can I expect in the way of communications?

We will communicate with our clients in person or by phone about various stages with the project.